Our Values

Expert Dental Center - dental health
Expert Dental Center - dental health
our-values-dental health
our-values-dental health

Our Values

Our relationships are guided by the following values:‎

Our Relationship with the People We Serve:‎

  • You are always our first priority as we deliver patient-centered services.
    Our staff ‎are helpful, caring, and respectful. We listen to your concerns,
    consider your ‎history, background, opinions and fears, needs and
    preferences and treat you as ‎an individual person.‎
  • Your opinions matter to us in decisions we take about your dental
    health and guide ‎us to serve you and others better.‎
  • We keep ourselves well educated through continuous learning
    and keep up on ‎developing technologies and scientific knowledge
    for your benefit. ‎
  • Value diversity in our workplace and this results to better productivity,
    creativity, ‎communication and service to you.‎

Our Work Environment

  • Encourage diversity and individuality and treat each other with respect.
  • Are one in our commitment to serve you and take pride in what we do.‎
  • Encourage open communication among ourselves as we believe
    each of us has ‎valuable input to our workplace, and this translates to
    higher productivity, better ‎teamwork and understanding in our relationships. ‎
  • However, we observe confidentiality and sensitivity to your needs and your privacy.‎
  • Our integrity and ethics will never be compromised.‎

Our Relationship with Partners: ‎

  • We practice fairness and honesty in our dealings with suppliers,
    other people and ‎companies who work with us and consider them
  • We honor our commitments and promises.‎

Our Relationship with the Community

  • We are passionate to give back to our community as it gives us a sense
    of ‎connectedness and satisfaction that we are doing our best to make
    this ‎world a better place.‎
  • We believe in the value of education and learning. We reach out to the
    ‎youth and volunteer in schools and colleges and share our ‎experience
    and knowledge as additional support from what they ‎receive through
    regular school classes, and be role models for them.‎
  • Provide learning programs that focus on health, nutrition and
    ‎lifestyle for the entire community. ‎
  • In a world increasingly influenced by technology, we believe in using
    ‎social media to ensure easy access and open line of communication
    ‎with our community. ‎