Jennifer Aldemita

Jennifer Aldemita - Dental Medicine
Jennifer Aldemita
Dental Coordinator

Jennifer Aldemita – Dental Medicine

Jennifer Aldemita

Dr. Jennifer Aldemita, graduated with a degree in Dental Medicine from
Centro Escolar University, Philippines in 2001. She spent 2 years working
as Associate Dentist in Dr. Marie Salazar- Carandang Dental Clinic.

She decided to work abroad from 2005 when she got a chance to work in the
United Kingdom as caregiver. She has been in the United Kingdom
intermittently continuing her work until she has finally settled in Qatar
in 2015 to join her husband. She worked as Supervisor for Dental Operations
in one of the prestigious dental centers in Doha.

Jen or Jennifer, as friends and colleagues call her, has been thrilled
to be back working in the dental field as it is truly her passion. Jennifer
is a naturally cheerful, thoughtful and positive person – always seeing
the silver lining in any situation no matter how dire or catastrophic some
situations may seem to be to other people. She loves to cook, watch TV
and celebrating events.