Maria Juvelyn Sagun

Maria Juvelyn Sagun
Maria Juvelyn Sagun RN

Maria Juvelyn Sagun RN

Maria Juvelyn Sagun RN is a graduate student with a Bachelor of Science
degree in Nursing from the University of Baguio, Philippines in year 2012.
For 4 years, she was working in the medical industry in the Philippines.
She obtained her license and continued her career as a nurse in Manila
and then later on, worked in Qatar in the same year.

She has been a dental assistant for 2 years in one of the well-established
dental centers in Qatar. She enjoyed working in this field and appreciated
the continued success as a dental assistant because of her enthusiasm to
perform well. She was able to assist patients with her gentle touch and
friendly chair-side manner to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable
during their visit.

Jhuv, as friends and colleagues refer to her, is a naturally quiet,
family-oriented and demure person. She believes that one of the perks
of her job is having a sense of accomplishment knowing that she was
able to take care of the patient, and witnessing their stressful anticipation
turn into a big smile of satisfaction.