Dr. Abeer Tamr

Dr. Abeer Tamr - Oral Surgery
Dr. Abeer Tamr - Oral Surgery

Dr. Abeer Tamr

Dr. Abeer, as she is fondly called by friends and colleagues, is an example
of a doctor with an outstanding mind. Present to her a problem and you can
almost feel her razor-sharp mind at work to generate precise solutions.
After all, not every dental problem has clear-cut solutions and will require
out-of-the-box thinking to determine the best treatment approach.
Her mind is not her only prime asset, she possesses a kind and gentle nature,
compassionate and exudes warmth that patients feel immediately relaxed
and comfortable seeking her help and expertise. She gets to know each
patient as a person and discerns his motivations and considers his reservations.

She communicates well with her patients as she educates them on their
diagnosis, treatment and preventative care, ensuring that technical
information is carefully understood.

Dr. Abeer graduated as top in her class when she obtained her doctorate in
Dental Surgery from Damascus University in Syria in 1996 and received her
specialist status in Oral Surgery in 1998. She also earned her degree in in
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from 1996-1998. She worked full time for a year
in a private clinic as Oral Surgeon in Syria before she stopped working in 2009
for a number of years. She resumed her practice in Qatar in 2014 as full time
intern dentist in one of the renowned dental centers for a year and spent
2 years in another prior to establishing this dental center.