Training & CPD‎

Training & CPD‎
Training & CPD‎

Training & CPD‎

Welcome to Expert Dental Center’s Training & Development page!‎

We believe education is important to people of all ages and has no limit.
That is why we equip you with tools so you may become useful members
of ‎your community and realize your life’s purpose.‎

One of the many ways we can help you do this is by providing you with ‎quality,
affordable educational programs through Continuing Medical ‎Education (CME)
/ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) designed ‎for professional
development, plus a plethora of similar programs on ‎nutrition, lifestyle
and complementary health therapies for a well-rounded ‎personal and
professional growth.‎

Browse through our calendar and programs to check which activities best
‎suit you!‎


It is our mission to develop and provide high-quality personal and
‎professional development within an evidence-based framework to enhance
‎knowledge, competence and practice by identifying and addressing
‎education needs.‎

Purpose and Expected Results

By participating in our high-quality CPD programs, we expect the following ‎results:‎

  • Increased knowledge of current research and emerging scientific ‎knowledge
    in medical and dental practice ‎
  • Greater competence in performing diagnostic and treatment ‎measures
    to provide quality service ‎
  • Additional resource for licensed professionals to attain credits to fulfill
    ‎CME/CPD requirements as mandated by Qatar Council for Healthcare
    ‎Practitioners (QCHP) based on identified needs.‎
  • Improved practice skills, abilities, and strategies for delivery of
    high-‎quality, evidence-based healthcare ‎
  • Increased insight from different professionals through interactive
    ‎opportunities in our programs for personal and professional growth